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Codeular Baseline

We developed this product to speed up the delivery time of projects internally. All the modules have been tested and are ready to run in a production environment

  • User Registration and Verification
  • Add / Edit / Manage Users
  • Add / Edit / Manage Products
  • eCommerce with Checkout and Paygate Integration
  • Manage Permissions
  • Transactional Logging
  • HTML Mailer

This software has been released under GNU General Public License v3. This allows you to download, modify, use and distribute freely.

This project is licensed under GNU GPL v3 - Download, Share and Distribute Freely!

Some applications we can help you with

We can develop pretty much anything you require but below are a few examples of project categories. Most of these are add-ons for Baseline :

  • eCommerce Store
  • Work Flow Management
  • Invoicing
  • Product Catalogues
  • eLearning
  • Business Process Management
  • Document Library
  • Project Management
  • Retailer Login
  • Event Management
Baseline User Management