Search Engine Optimization drawing customers to you

We can help you optimize your website from R100 per page!

Importance of SEO

It is critical to have a website that is appreciated by search engines like Google and Bing because they are the channels you will be getting anonymous traffic from. It's kind of like having a retail store in a high walk-past traffic area.

We offer SEO services and can optimize existing websites. All our own sites are already optimized, although some maintenance is required on a fairly regular basis to keep checking on the SEO status and feedback.

Optimized By Design

We develop sites that are natively designed and developed to attract organic ranking in search engines. We have used every possible function, strategy and resource available to ensure our websites score well on all levels. Below is a screenshot of how behaves in the score department.

What's all this SEO talk?

Since the early turn of the century, SEO has pretty much been the buzz word with everyone wanting a piece of the WWW Pie. So what exactly is all the fuss about and how do we go about making Search Engine Friendly websites?

Well the answer is fairly simple and it is basically a checklist of best practices, content provision, content optimization, meta data etc. The work behind the optimization process can be tedious and challenging on multiple levels, like coming up with the right wording, tweaking meta tags, doing research into keyword trends and various other checks. The result of these tweaks is something very valuable and it is referred to as Organic Ranking which means you get visibility without paying. This is a very nice position to be in to increase traffic to your website. For the purposes of this section we are going to focus on the basic functional spec.

  • Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Check all links are working
  • Valid HTML and CSS
  • Register on Webmaster Tools
  • Activate SSL
  • Check all keywords and descriptions
  • Optimize site loading speed
  • Header, alt and title tags
  • Basic grammar and spelling

Simple changes making big differences

We develop responsive websites to assist your mobile audience.

Mobile First

Search engines are ranking responsive websites higher than sites who overlook mobile devices. Be sure to check if your site loads properly on all devices.

Every measure is taken to make sure your site is tweaked for speed.

Loading Speed

Try avoiding heavy imagery and lots of content on the same page to increase performance. Slower sites get poor ranking and can be left out altogether.

Our copywriting skills can come in handy when choosing the right content. Give us a try!

Content is King

One of the most influential checks is to ensure you have good content. Make sure it is segmented and categorised, easy to navigate and keep it up to date.

We make use of many tools to measure your web project and find any potential issues affecting optimization.

Link Check

This is a basic check but check that every single link on your website works! Also check any re-routing pages like 404 errors that they render correctly.