Design with sales in mind

Time to roll out the creativity!

Website Concepts

We compliment our ability to create functional sites with our creative talent. We have a good background in marketing and use this knowledge to place emphasis on certain elements and to bring through good visuals whilst conserving bandwidth as much as possible.

Mail Design

This is a very specialised type of design mainly due to the limitations imposed. We can design mail templates that render perfectly on all mail clients, giving your recipients a breath-taking experience.


Although UI and UX are 2 very different sets of work, they often work hand-in-hand. The UI is more design related, illustrating how page elements will be rendered whilst UX is more rule related, defining flow, events and procedures. We are quite comfortable in both arenas.

Bringing out our creative side

Although we are seasoned developers, nothing excites us more than playing with pixels and it's kind of the fun part of our job. Because of our exposure to the coding side, what is possible, what isn't possible, what could work in a mobile environment, what would work on low bandwidth scenarios etc we have a lot of insight into how the designs should be structured.

Areas where we can help you

Design in our industry is a term that can be loosely associated with various aspects on various levels. Many designers don't specifically have web experience but may be more proficient in DTP (Desktop Publishing) or illustration environments. We are terrible with DTP but are excellent web designers, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designers.

  • Web Design
  • Wireframes
  • Proofs
  • UI / UX

Some areas we can help with design

We can develop pretty much anything you require but below are a few examples of project categories. Most of these are add-ons for Baseline :

  • Website Concepts
  • Wireframe Design
  • Social Media Branding
  • HTML Mailers
  • Site Banners
  • Template Designs
  • Documentation
  • Bandwidth streamlining
  • Marketing updates
  • Downloadable PDFs
We love design as much as we enjoy coding. Let us help you with your design requirements.